Time Blocking Sheet Template • Printable Time Block Schedule

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This is a time-blocking sheet formatted in letter size (8.5x11).

Time blocking is an effective way to plan your schedule when you need to take control of your time.

  • The sheet is undated and untimed, so you can decide the time of the day you want to start time-blocking.
  • Each block is a 30-min slot. There are 24 slots, enough to block up to 12 hours daily.
  • Print one or 365 of them. It's up to you!

How to Use the Time-Blocking Sheet

  • Set your top 3 priorities of the day
  • Write down your other pending tasks and to-do's (brain dump)
  • In the 'Projected' column, time-block your activities.
  • As the day advances, adjust your time block in the 'Actual' column.
  • Look at the 'Actual' column at the end of each day. Notice if specific tasks are taking longer than planned, and see how you can adjust them in the future. 

Lastly, end your day by writing down the one thing you're grateful for! 

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