The Neat House Binder™ • Printable Home Management Binder {55+ Pages}

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The Neat House Binder™ is a collection of the best and most useful printables for household management. This binder is a single file with 55+ pages. 

Keep your family and household's most important information at hand by creating a home management binder. Resort to it anytime, for any reference. Place it in an accessible place for any family member to see and use.

What's Included (Version 1.4.5)

The file includes a front cover and 5 spines. It has been divided into 5 sections, each one with a separate cover for easy access. These are the sections:

Time Management

  1. Family Weekly Schedule Template
  2. Daily to-do list in full letter size
  3. Daily to-do list in Junior size (half a page, 2 per page) 
  4. Brain Dump
  5. Our Priorities
  6. Note-taking template
  7. Monthly Habit Tracker pre-filled with generic habits
  8. Monthly Habit Tracker Editable (blank) page

Meal Planning

  1. Weekly Meal Planner
  2. Grocery Shopping Checklist (2 pages)


  1. 52 Weeks of Savings template
  2. Monthly Fixed Payments Tracker
  3. Monthly Variable Expenses Tracker
  4. Automatic Payments Schedule

Important Info

  1. NEW! Editable Password Keeper (type on your computer and print!)
  2. Important Dates
  3. Sitter Information

Cleaning and Organizing

  1. Neat House Cleaning Schedule
  2. How to Organize your Home on Paper - Instructions
  3. Room Organization Template
  4. Spring Cleaning Checklist
  5. 101 Things You Can Get Rid Of Today (5 pages)
  6. 80 Spices Round Labels (4 pages) a $7 value! 
  7. 48 Editable Labels for Organizing (6 pages) a $21 value!
  8. 15 Bathroom Organization Labels
  9. 24 Pre-Filled Pantry Organization Labels
  10. Home Seasonal Maintenance Tracking Sheets (5 pages)
  11. Chores Tracking Sheet

The bundle is a $78 value (if you were to purchase the files separately). Save money with this household binder that you can print over and over again! 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Alicia Rufino Gonzalez
    Awesome planning binder for my family

    I love love love the Neat House Binder!! It's a huge help to manage my family's logistics! I was so surprised to find out what I was getting for such a low price! My favorite planner is the daily habit tracker, but you also get a meal planner, a shopping list, cleaning and organization sheets, and so much more! Thank you so much!